What are The Advantages of Stay at Studio Suite in Andaz Singapore?

Andaz Singapore has a unique room that is Studio Suite. That is a suite that has two types. The types are single bedroom and two bedrooms. Not only a bed, but you will also find a minibar with kettle and fridge to make your day begins with sweet drinks. When you need to do some task or work in the suite, you can sit on a comfortable chair near the bed.

So, when you are tired, you can take a coffee break or tea break while enjoying some TV channels. Indeed, the suites in this hotel have a TV with some exciting channels. The atmosphere is very calm. You will enjoy doing many things in this room because the decorations are minimalist and classic. There is one lamp on each side of the bed. It will make you feel happier and more relax.

Beautiful Landscape from the Window

Singapore is famous for its beautiful peninsula beach scenery. The blue beach with beautiful sand looks marvelous. When you stay in Andaz Singapore, there will be a good vibe from the beach view from your window. If you open the curtain, the panorama will greet you warmly. It is great for some guest that needs some healing trips from depression and anxiety.

You can take some photographs by opening the curtain. The windows of this suite are wide enough but safe for you to take some pictures of the beach panorama. This situation will make you miss Singapore when you arrive home later.

Comfortable Bathroom

An in-room bathroom is a must in this hotel. Wherever you choose to stay, you can use an in-room bathroom. There are some facilities that you will see inside the bathroom. Toiletries are always in that place so you can use them comfortably. Not only that, but you can also use free towels. Of course, after cleaning yourself, you will need that, so you can easily use these towels.

You can feel the quality of the rainfall shower head that separated from the bathtub. A bathtub is an option if you want to take a relaxing time while trying some hot water. You can bring essential oil or special perfume that you like.

Aromatherapy candles are also recommended for you to make the situation warmer. So, you can relax your mind and get rid of the problems. After cleaning yourself in a bathtub, you can use the bathrobes.

A hairdryer is very helpful if you do not have much time. This is one of the facilities that you can use in the suites. If you come from Southeast Asia countries that need some bidet, there is a toilet that has a bidet. It is very comfortable and clean for people from some countries with this culture.

That is some pieces of information about Studio Suite in that hotel. There are many Hotel Promotion Singapore that can you access by browsing the website if you want to stay there. You can get a special price with an extra bonus if you reserve it as soon as possible.

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